Smart Terminal 1 and Automation in Industrial Logistics

With its traditional reliance on human inputs, industrial logistics has until recently been regarded as a problem child of industrial automation. Industry 4.0 has seen many processes scale to high levels of automation from robotic production at one end of manufacturing to automated order, pick and pack at the other. With 69% of company boardrooms demanding better hyperautomation to improve quality and productivity while reducing cost and environmental impacts, the automation of industrial logistics is about to step into the light.

Autonomous Logistics: A New Way to Streamline Your Supply Chain

As the global economy continues to expand, the demand for goods and services is increasing. That means more drivers are needed to transport those goods—but that’s becoming increasingly difficult as the pool of qualified drivers dwindles. To address this issue, companies are turning to autonomous logistics in order to streamline their supply chains and increase efficiency. Let’s take a closer look at how autonomous logistics can help your business.

Overview of automation in distribution centres

Automation has revolutionised many industries, transforming the way businesses store, receive and distribute goods. The logistics sector is no exception; automation in distribution centres has enabled efficient warehouse operations that provide an unparalleled level of accuracy and consistency to businesses across various industries.

How autonomous vehicles are revolutionising slow, off-highway environments

Autonomous vehicles have the potential to revolutionise industrial environments, bringing newfound levels of efficiency and productivity. From construction sites to ports, autonomous trucks are dramatically improving operational and environmental efficiencies with faster delivery times and reduced costs in both fuel expenses and labour costs. As companies continue to embrace this technology, what can be expected from autonomous vehicle workflow performance?

Autonomously Reversing an Articulated Vehicle – A Case Study

In recent years, more and more enterprises have embraced autonomous vehicles as a cornerstone of their operational strategy. Autonomous reversing technologies are one of the most important components in this process- allowing cars to identify obstacles, take appropriate measures to avoid them, and back up with precision.

Digitalisation driving growth for logistics experts

Embracing digitalisation is allowing a leading logistics and warehousing company to expand its offer and win new clients. Vantec Europe Limited – which has 12 sites across the UK, including ten in the North East – has developed an array of bespoke digital infrastructure that is putting it at the cutting edge of logistic processing. […]